Student Takeover Week

3 July 2017

The week from 3rd to 7th July was an exciting one at The Deanes. Year 9 took over the running of the school. Instead of attending normal lessons, students worked at the various jobs that are needed to keep the school functioning- teaching, finance, site staff, and even taking over from the Headteacher himself. 

           In order to participate students had to fill in application forms, as they would for real jobs. We feel it is important to give students this opportunity to reflect on what a real job is like, as well as providing an essential insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure they have a positive and productive school experience.

            Students engaged with the process incredibly well; submitting applications, taking their roles seriously, and even asking to try out alternative roles within the school towards the end of the week. Staff have really valued this opportunity to explain various aspects of their jobs to our students.

Student Takeover Week Student Takeover Week Student Takeover Week