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16 October 2020

The Deanes

Zone Reminder



Year 7 - Zone 3  

Year 8 - Zone 2  

Year 9 - Zone 4  

Year 10 - Zone 1  

Year 11 - Zone 5   




Year 7 - Zone 3   

Year 8 - Zone 4   

Year 9 - Zone 1   

Year 10 - Zone 2   

Year 11 - Zone 5   




Year 7 - Zone 3   

Year 8 - Zone 4   

Year 9 - Zone 5   

Year 10 - Zone 2   

Year 11 - Zone 1   




Year 7 - Zone 3   

Year 8 - Zone 4   

Year 9 - Zone 5   

Year 10 - Zone 2   

Year 11 - Zone 1   




Year 7 - Zone 2   

Year 8 - Zone 4   

Year 9 - Zone 3   

Year 10 - Zone 1   

Year 11 - Zone 5 


Term Dates 



Wednesday 2 September 2020 – Friday 18 December 2020 


Half Term:


Monday 26 October 2020 – Friday 30 October 2020


iMatter Weekend:


Friday 27 November & Monday 30 November


Covid Local Alert Level: High

Earlier this week, Essex County Council requested that the Secretary of State for Health move Essex into the Local COVID Alert Level: High, in order to stem the rising tide of infections in our county.

Yesterday, this request was approved by the Government and will come into effect across Essex at midnight on tonight (Friday 16 October).  Please note, this only applies to Essex Local Authority and not Southend Local Authority, who remain at COVID Alert Level: Medium.

This short video from Dr Mike Gogarty, Essex's Director of Public Health, explains in more detail why the decision has been made.

Essex County Council have provided the following Questions and Answers: 

What is the government’s new system of local restrictions?

The government has announced a new simplified system of three levels of restrictions aimed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The three levels are: 

• level 1 – MEDIUM is the level the majority of the country were in as at Monday 12th October. 

• level 2 – HIGH includes some increased restrictions, particularly on different households meeting indoors 

• level 3 – VERY HIGH is the highest level of restrictions and includes the closure of some hospitality business and venues, as well as travel restrictions.  

Full details can be found in the government guidance on local COVID-19 alert levels

Why is Essex moving to Level 2 – High?

The numbers of COVID-19 infection are rising, so action is needed to bring the numbers down. The earlier action can be taken the quicker the numbers can be brought under control. The aim is to ‘flatten the curve’ of new cases. Modelling based on analysis of the data suggests that moving into level 2 can flatten the curve and potentially mean ending restrictions earlier.

What changes as a result? 

The key change is that households cannot mix together indoors, unless within a support bubble. This includes within households and other indoor venues such as restaurants and pubs. Otherwise the rules remain as they are, including the rule of 6 in outdoor spaces. 

What does this mean for childcare provision?

Under the COVID alert level: high, the following people can provide childcare support in private homes and gardens:

  • registered childcare providers, including nannies
  • people in a support bubble
  • people in a childcare bubble

A childcare bubble is where someone in one household provides informal (unpaid and unregistered) childcare to a child aged 13 or under in another household. For any given childcare bubble, this must always be between the same 2 households.

Friends or family who do not live with you and are not part of a support or childcare bubble must not visit your home to help with childcare. Childcare bubbles are to be used to provide childcare only, and not for the purposes of different households mixing where they are otherwise not allowed to do so.

Will vulnerable people be asked to shield again? 

Currently there is no change as a result of the move to level high that impacts on people who were previously advised to shield.  

If further advice or support is needed please visit the Essex Wellbeing Service or call them on 0300 303 9988.

Can I still go to parks/open spaces/the seaside?

Yes, under medium and high level restrictions. Under very high level rules, there are restrictions on non-essential travel.


Implications for The Deanes

From Monday 19 October 2020 all students, staff and visitors at The Deanes will be required to wear a face covering when moving around any part of the building. Everyone must wear a face covering when they enter any building and while they are moving around the corridors.  Exemptions to this rule apply.

Face coverings must not be worn in lessons, instead students must store their face covering in a sealed plastic bag.

A face covering is a covering of any type that safely covers your nose and mouth. You can buy reusable or single-use face coverings in a number of stores.  

During tutor time on Monday, we will be educating the students on how to use face covering safely.

These details have been provided to all parents / carers via a letter given to students this afternoon.

Contacting Us

Over the lockdown period, we provided an online Contact Form for parents and carers to use.  Due to your positive feedback, we have now replicated this form so that you can continue to contact us in this way.  

The new Contact Form is on our website under the 'Contact Us' menu item, or it can be accessed by clicking here.



I hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe.




Desi McKeown



"Each person must live their life as a model for others." - Rosa Parks

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