imatter as a student

15 November 2016

imatter as a student at The Deanes

 All Year 11 students at The Deanes were presented with revision resource packs today in preparation for their mock exams at the end of this term. It included revision cards, post it notes, highlighter pens and most importantly a recommended study skills book enabling different revision strategies to be explored at home with their parents.

“It is so important our students are in the mindset to succeed in their forthcoming mock examinations. The revision resource pack ensures independent study can begin at home, and gives empowerment to the parents enabling them to fully support their child”, said Mr Mckeown.

At The Deanes it is believed that by valuing the individual child, they will succeed. This shows our commitment to all of the students education. The Year 11 students left school today feeling valued, and determined to succeed.  

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