At The Deanes, homework is seen as an integral part of the curriculum.  Homework is set using ePraise which students can access by a link on the school website.  This will enable students and parents/carers to see their own personalised homework calendar.  If a student forgets their password, this can be reset, but in the meantime they will be able to see all set homework simply by logging on to the website.  If your child does not have access to the internet at home, they will be able to use the library computers at break and lunch, or attend homework clubs which are held in the library during lunchtimes.


  • To encourage independent learning
  • To develop self-discipline and personal organisation
  • To reinforce and extend learning in school




Homework should be varied and interesting. Activities may include writing, drafting, listening, speaking, watching specified television programmes, researching (which can be online), recording of practical work, memorising, reading (textbooks, IT or media texts. fiction and non-fiction), revision, coursework, fieldwork, drawing, the collection and analysis of data, completing worksheets, problem-solving exercises, preparing oral work, conducting an experiment, collecting materials or data, playing an instrument, exercising, learning lines, making models, display work, discussion etc.


Effective learning practices are developed in Year 7 and then developed progressively across the key stages. As pupils move up the school, the amount of homework set increases as does the level of challenge presented.  Homework tasks should be appropriate to the needs of individuals and will be marked according to the school marking and feedback policy.


  •  The role of parents and carers is seen as essential. They can assist in many ways, for example, helping their children at home, providing encouragement and even assisting in the marking of homework. Please take an interest in your son/daughter’s homework arrangements and sign his/her pupil planner weekly.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to complete homework set to the best of his/her ability.
  • Be prepared to help your son/daughter to organise his/her time and provide a suitable environment in which homework may be completed.
  • Contact the Form Tutor by letter or via the Pupil planner if time taken over homework is consistently outside the range suggested in the weekly schedule or if your son/daughter is otherwise in difficulties.


 Year 7 10-15 hours a fortnight

Year 8 10-15 hours a fortnight

Year 9 and 10 -15-20 hours a fortnight

Years 11 15-20 hours a fortnight