Transition Information

This page is for all our new Year 7 students.  It contains lots of information about the Deanes that will help you with your transition to secondary school.


If you missed our online Transition Meeting, click here to download the Headteacher's presentation and notes.


"What is it like to be a student at The Deanes?"

>> Our 'Hey Jack!' video will give you a great insight into student life at The Deanes.  Click here to watch it.


"What are the classrooms like at The Deanes?"
>> Your Head of Year, Mr Turp, has made a video tour of the school.  We hope you enjoy it.  Click here to watch it.


"I still have lots of questions about The Deanes."
>> Our New Student Handbook contains information about uniform, timetables, clubs, ....  Click here to download it.


"Who are the Key Staff I will need to know?"
>> Your Form Tutor and your Head of Year will be the key staff you will get to know.  Click here to see who they are.


"Can I ask a question about transition?"
>> Of course.  We have a dedicated email for the parents / carers of Year 7.  It's