6 November 2020

The Deanes

Zone Reminder



Year 7 - Zone 4

Year 8 - Zone 2

Year 9 - Zone 3

Year 10 - Zone 1

Year 11 - Zone 5




Year 7 - Zone 4

Year 8 - Zone 3

Year 9 - Zone 1

Year 10 - Zone 2

Year 11 - Zone 5




Year 7 - Zone 4

Year 8 - Zone 5

Year 9 - Zone 3

Year 10 - Zone 2

Year 11 - Zone 1




Year 7 - Zone 4

Year 8 - Zone 5

Year 9 - Zone 3

Year 10 - Zone 2

Year 11 - Zone 1




Year 7 - Zone 2

Year 8 - Zone 4

Year 9 - Zone 3

Year 10 - Zone 1

Year 11 - Zone 5



Term Dates 



Wednesday 2 September 2020 – Friday 18 December 2020 


Half Term:


Monday 26 October 2020 – Friday 30 October 2020


iMatter Weekend:


Friday 27 November & Monday 30 November


New Restrictions

Welcome back! I hope your child managed to get some much needed rest and recuperation over the half term break, despite the weather. We have, of course, all returned to the news that we will be entering a second lockdown, albeit with different restrictions in place – the most significant being that early years settings, schools, colleges and universities will remain open to all pupils.  As you know the lockdown came into effect at one minute past midnight on Thursday morning and last until the 2nd December.  I have provided the graphic below as a guide to the main restrictions that are now in place.  More information can be found in this BBC News article.


As a school, we will not notice a significant difference as we were already operating within Local COVID Alert Level: High restrictions.


Parent Voice Meeting

Thank you to all the parents that attended or Parent Voice Meeting on Wednesday.  I have attached the notes from the meeting.  The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday 03 February 2021 at 16:15.

Procedure for Students Arriving Late

Students who arrive late for school must sign in at reception.  Under normal circumstances, students would sign in at Student Services, but due to the current zoning, this is not possible.


Book Buzz

We have signed up to a fantastic reading initiative called 'Book Buzz'. They have a list of 17 books that we have been able to choose from to allow all of our year 7 and 8 tutor groups have a class reading book for Friday DEAR time.


Below are the chosen titles with accompanying links to authors talking about their books.


Year 7

City of Ghosts: Victoria Schwab 11+ 

Max Kowalski Didn't Mean It: Susie Day 9+ 

Talking to Alaska: Anna Woltz 11+

Crater Lake: Jennifer Killick 9+


Year 8

Check Mates: Stewart Foster 12+

Little Bird Flies: Karen McCombie 12 +

The Haven: Simon Lelic 12+

A Darkness of Dragons: S.A Patrick 12+


As a reminder, students can access the Deanes Library System and reserve up to two books of their choice by clicking here.


Chosen books will be delivered each week to classrooms, during Tutor time.

Monday         Year 11

Tuesday        Year 7

Wednesday    Year 8

Thursday       Year 9

Friday           Year 10


There will also be the opportunity, at this time, to renew any book for a further two weeks or return books for a new request.

Uniform Shop

Dolly's  in Rayleigh High Street has called to say they will be open for Click and Collect if anyone needs any uniform during lock down.  The contact details are:

Suzanne - 07969 384384

email -

or via Facebook messenger.

Review Day

Due to the current lockdown restrictions and local Covid restrictions, we have decided to cancel the planned Review Day on Friday 11 December 2020.  This day will be a normal school day instead.


iMatter Weekend

Since 2016, The Deanes has used two of our five statutory non – pupil days to create our iMatter weekend.  It allows our students and our staff some time to rest during this extremely busy time of year.  This year, the school will be completely closed on Friday 27 November 2020 and Monday 30 November 2020. (It should be acknowledged that all staff will make up the time during Twilight training sessions throughout the year and that there is no loss to the statutory teaching time.)


My decision to introduce the ‘iMatter Weekend’ was strategic as emotional and physical wellbeing is critical in developing a healthy, successful school community. Quality teaching is the result of having an underlying structure that supports both the learner and the teacher.  If the structure does not allow space to breathe for those within it, the quality of provision can suffer.  Wellbeing for students and staff is not a luxury for the end of term and it should not be seen as a bolt on or added extra.  At The Deanes, we believe that it is a fundamental pre-requisite for effective, high quality and engaging teaching and learning. Both students and staff need to be supported, fit and well to be inspired and inspiring.



Have a lovely weekend and stay safe




Desi McKeown